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    Summer Camps

    Summer Camps

    Róisín O’Hara joined us again to discuss parenting issues. This week we’re looking at summer camps. With primary schools closing for the holidays next week, it can be very difficult for many parents, particularly those who are working, to find an alternative to school to both occupy and care for children. But, as you’ve found out Róisín, these Summer Camps are widely available for all age groups and are widely used, but parents should be wary.
    Parenting and Technology

    Parenting and Technology

    As more and more children become tech-savvy, at a younger age, and more technological devices are becoming available, parents are faced with an unprecedented challenge. How much is too much technology for young children, and are parents really aware of the potential risks and the safety guidelines? Well, here to discuss this was journalist and mother, Róisín O Hara.

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