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    New York does it and so does London .  Now there is a proposal that Dublin should have a directly elected Mayor so it would no longer be a ceremonial role but an office with real powers over traffic, economic development and housing. Tonight (m0n)Dublin City Councillors will take a vote on the issue and three Dublin  Council’s will do the same before the end of the month. If there is agreement between all four councils there could be a plebiscite on the issue in May alongside the local and European elections in May. Joining me now is the Lord ...


    Streets littered with used needles. Doorways and alleyways clustered with discarded drug paraphernalia. Drug users using the basements of city centre houses as places to inject heroin. This is what parts of Dublin city centre looked like at 9am yesterday morning. The Ana Liffey Drug Project are hoping for support for a project they believe will help clean up the streets and lessen the city’s drug problem. Brian O’Connell spent time on the streets assessing the problem yesterday morning. Sean also spoke to to Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Oisin Quinn, who is in favour of mobile medically supervised  injecting units and Grainne ...


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