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    Exam Food

    Exam Food

    As the Leaving Cert starts, students will be doing everything they can to give themselves the best chance for success. But it’s not just about study. Nutritious meals and snacks play a part too... Gaye Godkin is a public health nutritionist. Gaye, you’re going into round four of exams in your house - your daughter is starting her Junior Cert.  How important is eating well for students?
    The Health Benefits Of Trees & Other Plants

    The Health Benefits Of Trees & Other Plants

    Tom and Barbara Good from TV’s popular sitcom The Good Life raised chickens and goats in their back garden, they grew fruit and vegetables in their allotment and they generated their own electricity and made their own clothes. But I’m not sure if their self sufficient lifestyle stretched to eating trees? But apparently the health benefits of trees include chewing willow bark to suppress pain, and the alder tree has been used for bruises coughs and sore throats... Matthew Jebb is director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland in Glasnevin, and he joins Derek, Richard and Eanna to tell us ...

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