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    Ainna Fawcett-Henesy

    Ainna Fawcett-Henesy

    Ainna Fawcett-Henesy has held a most impressive title for the last decade of what was a distinguished career in health care. She was the Chief Nurse of Europe, a role which saw her influence nursing education and policy in no less than 52 countries. With that CV, it’s hard to believe she got off to a shaky start back in the 1960s when she was refused entry into nursing in the Regional in her native Limerick.
    The HSE Graduate Nurse Recruitment Scheme

    The HSE Graduate Nurse Recruitment Scheme

    Going back to nurses issue and the graduate programme…Anne says she is a 2011 general nurse graduate who is going to apply for the initiative. There was no work out there. Could only do agency work or go into nursing homes. She thinks the 2012 graduates will be robbed of these jobs by the older graduates. The girls who are working as agency staff are going to go for it as well. Mary is against the initiative. Qualified as a nurse in Sept 2012, I'm 22 no way am I standing for yellow pack contacts I worked hard for four ...

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