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    Nostalgia for Times Past

    Nostalgia for Times Past

    Christmas tends to evoke in us a strong sense of nostalgia for times past.   And at this time of the year, this is capitalised upon by all sorts of commercial interests - from card manufacturers to ad agencies who sell us a version of the past which they tell us is more authentic than our present day Christmas. But whose past are we remembering?   And did this past ever actually exist?  Cultural historian, Elaine Sisson and design historian, Linda King, from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dunlaoghaire came in to discuss the whole idea of nostalgia and ...
    The John Murray Show Thursday 22 August 2013

    The John Murray Show Thursday 22 August 2013

    These are our three finalists from over 550 entrants to the John Murray Show/Saturday Night Show emerging music competition. Chanele McGuinness, Gary Showbiz and The New Transmission will battle it out in our live Studio 8 final on the John Murray Show on Thursday, May 29th for that coveted slot on the Saturday Night Show on May 31st.

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