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    Hillary Clinton and The Presidency

    Hillary Clinton and The Presidency

    In true American tradition the American Presidential election is getting dirty good and early. Attempting to get a dig in before Hillary Clinton has even confirmed her candidacy for the primaries, former Republican election strategist Karl Rove questioned in the New York Post whether she may have brain damage and he hasn’t taken it back either. Sean was joined by Graham Finlay of the School of International Relations in UCD and by Niall O’Dowd in New York.
    Diaspora online

    Diaspora online

    If you are putting together a list of people who have put Ireland on the map, my next two guests would justifiably have places near the very top. As editor of New York based, Niall O’Dowd is the first port of call for many Irish in the US looking for news of home. Also sitting across from me is John McColgan who, as we all know, put Irish dancing on the world stage with Riverdance. His current project, Heartbeat of Home is due to take the stage later this month. Another of John’s contributions to the Irish diaspora is ...

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