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    Big Music Week - Christy Moore

    Big Music Week - Christy Moore

    Last Monday after the Big Music Train pulled into to Newbridge, Co. Kildare, thousands turned out for the parade through the town & for the concert in the school hall of the Patrician Secondary School. The last performer on stage was Newbridge's most famous son, Christy Moore. It was a really lovely homecoming performance & after he came off stage, he stepped out the back of the hall to tell us about his deep connections to the area.
    The Dormice Of Kildare

    The Dormice Of Kildare

    As reported on the news last night, a little hazel dormouse was found two weeks ago near Newbridge in County Kildare. It's thought to be a male and it will now hibernate at the Kildare Animal Foundation, rather than in the wild, as it is a non-native species. Dormice are probably the cutest member of the rodent family and are often mistaken for baby red squirrels. It is the first dormouse that has been actually captured in Ireland but the first official sighting of them was two years ago near Naas. And today we can reveal even MORE dormice at ...


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