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    World War One Roadshow

    World War One Roadshow

    Almost 30,000 Irishmen lost their lives in World War One. As part of the centenary commemorations, the National Library of Ireland will host a World War One Roadshow in Trinity College Dublin to give people the opportunity to bring their first world war memorabilia along to be catalogued and digitised for a European archive. Sean was joined by Katherine MacSharry from the National Library and also spoke to two people who have lots of First World War memorabilia in their families – Mieke Byrne and Patrick Fawl
    National Library Archive

    National Library Archive

    Some 10,500 newly digitised images have been made available for public viewing by the National Library of Ireland at The National Library first began the process of digitising its mammoth collection of 10 million items in 2007. It now has 65,000 digitised images, but demand for more is growing. A further 2,000 will be released this summer. To discuss this Marian is joined by Katherine McSharry, Head of Services, National Library of Ireland and Sinéad McCoole, Historian and Writer.

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