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    Adoption Files 1948 – 1972

    Adoption Files 1948 – 1972

    Adoption Files 1948 – 1972 by Catriona Crowe Philomena, the movie about Philomema Lee’s search for her son given up for adoption, has raised interest again in the 2000+ Irish children adopted in the US between 1948 and 1972, all of them taken from mother and baby homes or Magdalene asylums. In early 1996, I discovered around 2000 files in the National Archives relating to Irish children adopted in the United States. The files had been there since 1990, but no-one knew about them. I had heard Maggie Butler, who had been one of those children, on the radio talking ...
    1974 Power Sharing Executive

    1974 Power Sharing Executive

    40 years ago this month, the Northern Ireland Executive declared 1974 as the Year of Reconciliation in the North. The first attempt at power-sharing in the region began on the 1st of January which meant that there would no longer be majority rule.   The power sharing executive was established on foot of a number of initiatives involving the British, and later the Irish, governments which culminated in the Sunningdale Agreement of December 1973. Catriona Crowe has dug up some documents from the National Archives relating to this time which you can find below.   She spoke on the programme about the background ...


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