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    164 years ago this week, Mountjoy Prison first opened its large Victorian doors to prisoners, and since then, somewhere in the region of half a million inmates have been through the jail. While some things have changed in that time, others have stayed the same. Yesterday, our reporter Brian O’Connell got a rare look inside the prison.
    Prison service

    Prison service

    You may have been reading Joe Humphrey in the Irish Times and his look at the issue of mental health among our prisoner population in Ireland. Last year the Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly stated in his report that the management of prisoners with mental illness remains a significant problem.... Other commentators have said that “the Imprisonment of mentally ill people can aggravate mental health problems and increase the risk of self harm and suicide.” Changes in the way mentally ill prisoners are dealt with have begun in prisons such as Mountjoy, but much is yet to be done... ...

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