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    Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones

    We spend on average 133 million euros a month on our mobile phone bills but many of us are shelling out more than we need to.  Conor Brophy was here with some advice on how to manage your mobile. Navigating mobile price plans is torturous. Presumably that's why people end up on a plan that's not necessarily the cheapest or best one for them?   Exactly. Inherent difficulty is that you really need to have a good idea of what your usage habits with your phone are before you can judge what network and price plan suits you best. It's ...
    Mobile Movement

    Mobile Movement

    The company behind mobile operator 3 Ireland is set to buy its rival 02 Ireland. Spain's Telefonica is cash strapped and looking to sell 02 Ireland to help reduce massive debts. If 3 buys 02, it will move from being a mobile minnow to big fish. Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor with the Sunday Business Post tells us more.


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