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    Michaela McCollum in Prison in Peru

    Michaela McCollum in Prison in Peru

    Tomorrow night a new documentary ‘Michaela, Peru and the Drugs Run’ will air on RTÉ One Television after the nine o’clock news. In the film, Michaela’s mother Nora and sister travelled to Peru to visit Michaela in prison. Trevor Birney, the Producer of the programme accompanied them on their visit and he now talks to Áine.
    Peru Drugs case

    Peru Drugs case

    As we heard last week prosecutors in Peru have asked for more information before accepting the changed plea of “guilty” from Irish girl Michaela McCollum and her fellow accused Melissa Reid. The young women are accused of attempting to smuggle 1.7 million euros worth of cocaine out of Peru. while the legal process unfolds both women are being held in a Peruvian prison . Fr Maurice Foley is a Columbian priest based in Peru and after some delays he finally succeeded in visiting the girls on Saturday for 2 hours and he spoke to Sean.

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