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    Marital Longevity

    Marital Longevity

    What makes a long and happy marriage – what are the secrets? How can you ensure your relationship runs harmoniously?  With Sean in studio with thoughts and advice were Anne Matthews, relationships counsellor with Mind and Body Works, and author Maria Duffy. Our reporter Brian O’Connell met with Marie, aged 90, and Michael McNamara, aged 102, from Little Island in Cork and have been together for more than 42 years.


    On October 4th we are voting on two referendums - one is on the abolition of the Seanad and it has been receiving a substantial amount of coverage in the media over the past few months, the second which has been receiving much less attention possibly because it has been very difficult to find those who are opposed to it is the Referendums to allow the establishment of a new court of appeal. Sean was joined by Independent TD for Tipperary South Mattie McGrath and Labour TD for Clare Michael McNamara.

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