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    Nazi war criminal, Andrija Artukovic - files uncovered by Michael Kennedy

    Nazi war criminal, Andrija Artukovic - files uncovered by Michael Kennedy

    In January 2007, Cathal O’Shannon’s documentary, Hidden History: Ireland's Nazis, was broadcast by RTÉ as a two-part series.  It explored how a number of former Nazis and Nazi collaborators from Occupied Europe went to live in Ireland after the Second World War.  Most significant of these was Andrija Artukovic, the former interior minister of the Ustace-run Nazi puppet state in Croatia during World War II.   He landed here in 1947. There remains huge speculation as to how Andrija Artukovic made it to Ireland from Switzerland and how he stayed here unnoticed for a year and how he then made it ...
    Ireland after World War II

    Ireland after World War II

    "By God’s providence and with the unremitting zeal and loyalty of all concerned, we were able to come through the trial successfully’ Taoiseach, Eamon De Valera speaking there in September 1945 in the aftermath of the Second World War. Ireland was in a very depressed state. We were struggling with high inflation, falling living standards and rationing - despite the country’s wartime neutrality. So what was life like for people here after World War II? How reluctant were we to take in refugees? And how did we treat the Irish who returned after fighting for the Allied forces. Historian, Michael ...


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