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    Collapse of Society and Maths

    Collapse of Society and Maths

    We all know the earth’s resources are being used up at an alarming rate and we are all aware that climate change is resulting in some alarming predictions for the future of humankind. But is humanity heading for a fall and if so, when will it occur. When all else fails, we turn to Maths! Keelin was joined by Peter Lynch professor of meteorology at University College Dublin and blogger at
    Motorways are everyday Maths

    Motorways are everyday Maths

    Peter Lynch, Professor of meteorology at UCD brought John on a drive  around south Dublin motorways, noting every twist & turn, rise & sag has been mathematically modelled to ensure you have a pleasant & uneventful journey. Peter blogs at & writes a fortnightly column in the Irish Times called 'That's Maths'.

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