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    Tower Hill

    Tower Hill

    Last Summer our reporter Valerie Cox visited the Tower Hill estate of 55 houses in Ballymote in Co Sligo at the request of residents who said their lives had become intolerable through anti-social behaviour, vandalism and intimidation by settled travellers. People had moved out and only 18 of the 55 houses were still occupied. Last weekend Valerie returned to Tower Hill and she spoke to Sean as did Sean former local Councillor Pat McGrath and to Martin Collins from Pavee Point.
    Gypsy Empire: Uncovering the Hidden World of Irish Travellers

    Gypsy Empire: Uncovering the Hidden World of Irish Travellers

    By Eamon Dillon (Transworld Ireland) More and more the media through TV and Radio programmes such as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and youtube slagging matches are giving us more and more insight into the lives of the Travelling Community both here and in Britain.Eamon Dillon is a journalist who has looked into the lives or Irish Travellers in three particular areas, feud violence, bare-knuckle boxing and Traveller Traders, the secret millionaires of Travellers.We also got the response of Martin Collins of Pavee Point.

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