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    What's It All About

    What's It All About

    What's it all about? is a four-part series co-presented by Colette Kinsella and Sean Duke that will explore some of the wonderful mysteries of science. (Part 4)   When many of us think of maths, we might instinctively suppress a yawn as we recall boring theorems, dull algebra and uninspiring teachers.   Yet without question, maths is exciting, challenging and responsible for some of humanity's greatest achievements.   The landing of two men on the Moon in 1969 would not have been possible without maths, nor would we be able to appreciate the great harmonic symphonies of Mozart or Beethoven. ...
    Mars v The Moon

    Mars v The Moon

    Kevin Nolan from Tallaght IT and a representative of The Planetary Society for Ireland; and Norah Patten, Chair of Space Management & Business Dept in University of Limerick talk to Neil about people visiting the Red Planet. Norah, an engineer from Ballina, County Mayo, could become the first Irish person in space. She is a post-doctoral researcher on a European Space Agency project at the University of Limerick and has just entered a competition launched by Buzz Aldrin to win a place on a space shuttle - and the chance to view Earth from 103km above ground.


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