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    Ebola Virus

    Ebola Virus

    A new outbreak of the Ebola virus in Western Africa is causing international concern, with fatality rates of between 60 and 90 percent, severe difficulties in tracking infected individuals, and communities resisting medical assistance due to fear.  In the face of this crisis, Medicine Sans Frontiers – Doctors Without Borders – are, as ever, putting themselves at necessary risk on the frontlines. Keelin was joined in studio now by one of these workers, Dr Gabriel Fitzpatrick, specialist in Public Health and Infectious Diseases, and chairman of Medicine Sans Frontiers Ireland.


    According to the latest reports Iraqi government forces have halted the advance of ISIS militants north of Baghdad but the Islamic militants remain in control of wide swathes of  northern Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes ahead of the ISIS advance, many of them taking refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan, a region in the North of the country so far largely unaffected by the fighting. Overwhelmed by the flood of refugees, the Kurdish authorities are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Fabio Forgione is the Head of Mission for MSF in Iraq.

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