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    Well after six episodes that drew in hundreds of thousands of viewers, the fourth series of Love/Hate came to a close last night. The killed cat was controversial...a planned drugs bust by the Gardai didn’t quite work out...and for now at least, Nidge rides on. Joining Sean to discuss the series are broadcaster and TV critic, Sinead Gleeson.
    The Gathering - David Caffrey

    The Gathering - David Caffrey

    Miriam's guest is David Caffrey - the director of RTE’s hugely popular drama series, ‘Love/Hate’. His uncle and his dad got interested in their family ancestry in the last year or so and coincidentally they got an email from a lady in the Virgin Islands explaining who she was and that they were related. They began swapping emails and his dad and brother were invited over to the Virgin Islands for a get together but unfortunately they were unable to go. She emailed him afterwards and gave him a link for Facebook to look at some of the pictures from the night. So he got on his ...


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