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    Coming Up - Sunday 19th January

    Coming Up - Sunday 19th January

    This Sunday Miriam will be speaking to two Cork residents, who also happened to be Oscar winners. Jeremy Irons is to be made an honorary Cork man and will receive his award from last year’s inaugural recipient, Oscar-winning film producer, Lord David Puttnam. The two will talk to Miriam about their friendship, their amazing careers and their love for their home county of Cork Here is a famous scene from the film The Mission on which Jeremy and David worked together. The scene features the iconic score by Ennio Morricone   We will also have some amazing live music from The Henry Girls ...
    Film adaptation of author Emma Donoghue book Room

    Film adaptation of author Emma Donoghue book Room

    Irish author Emma Donoghue garnered huge praise from readers for her novel 'Room' when it was first published & it also attracted the interest of film-makers. Intrigued with the idea of the mother & son trapped in one room by the mother's abductor, Emma herself wrote the screenplay & thought long and hard about what director to go with. She eventually chose Irish director Lenny Abrahamson. Miriam speaks to Lenny & Emma this morning.


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