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    It has been a dramatic 24 hours in French politics with former President Nicolas Sarkozy placed under formal investigation over alleged “influence peddling”.   Late last night Mr Sarkozy appeared before a Judge following fifteen hours of questioning by anti corruption police. Lara Marlowe of the Irish Times spoke to Sean from Paris.


    The Sunni fundamentalist group Isis has occupied a considerable amount of territory in northern Iraq, and has reportedly carried out a massacre of Iraqi government troops. The offensive has seriously alarmed the Shia-dominated central government in Baghdad.  It has also raised the prospect of an unlikely cooperation between Iran and the United States, the Iraqi government’s main allies. Both are concerned to preserve the territorial integrity of a strategic but fragile state. How does Iran view the upsurge in violence in neighbouring Iraq? And the prospect of  an informal alliance with the United States? To get answers to those questions ...

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