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    German Elections

    German Elections

    Well it’s another term for Angela Merkel as her Christian Democrats stormed to their best result in 20 years, winning 311 of the Bundestag 630 seats in yesterday’s German election. So now the hunt is on for a coalition partner. Sean spoke to Quentin Peel of the Financial Times and by Katinka Barysch, Director of Political Relations at Allianz.
    German Elections

    German Elections

    On Sunday week, the 22nd September, Germany goes to the polls in an election that the rest of Europe has a close eye on. In poll position Angela Merkel is hoping for a third term, but the question is, if it was to be a coalition, who would she share power with? Sean was joined from Germany by Director of Political Relations at Allianz, Katinka Barysch and by Quentin Peel of the Financial Times.


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