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    Centenaries in 2014 (full programme podcast)

    Centenaries in 2014 (full programme podcast)

    This week, we discussed centenaries that will be taking place in 1914 with guests Katherine McSharry from the National Library of Ireland; Historian, Niamh Puirseil; Shane MacThomais historian with Glasnevin Museum and Tommy Graham, editor of History Ireland. The year 1914 would see a very changed landscape for Ireland and its citizens – and indeed, the world.   As the year started, a young woman called Alicia Brady died of tetanus and the Lockout was entering its fifth month.   The strike ended in January 1914 but in the aftermath, many people who had been on strike did not get their jobs ...
    The 50th anniversary of JFK's visit to Ireland

    The 50th anniversary of JFK's visit to Ireland

    Where were you when JFK visited Ireland? To mark the 50th anniversary of JFK's visit to Ireland, that is the question being asked by The National Library of Ireland, the US Embassy, the National Archives and the JFK Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. Together, they will be launching an interactive website and app where people can share their memories of the visit and this will be linked to a multimedia exhibition, JFK: Homecoming, which will be opening at the National Library on 21 June. On the 30th of May they will be holding a collection day where you can bring along your ...


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