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    As a nation we are leaving the old year with 200,000 mortgages in arrears.  That's according to Julie Sadlier, solicitor with the Phoenix Project, a national debt resolution organization which is free to clients and funded by donations from the public.  Keelin spoke to Julie Sadlier and  Valerie Cox who has been speaking to some people whose lives have been taken over by the burden of their debts and who are in the process of trying to hold on to their homes and to prevent them from being re-possessed.
    Personal Insolvency

    Personal Insolvency

    Last week brought news of a clean exit from the bailout and talk of renewed economic confidence in the country going forward...but for many individuals and families, the legacy of the economic crisis and the burden of personal debt still weighs heavy on their shoulders. The Personal Insolvency arrangements now available do in theory offer some solution to those who are overwhelmed by debt and Noeleen Blackwell of FLAC and solicitor with the Phoenix Project, Julie Sadlier spoke to Sean about how that service is working out. Also Valerie Cox met with some individuals who have been living with the ...


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