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    New Children’s Hospital

    New Children’s Hospital

    The new children’s hospital, to be located at the St James’s Hospital campus is one of the largest capital investments the state has undertaken in healthcare. But with it has come opposition over, among other things, its size and location. Sean was joined by Tom Costello, Chairman of the Development Board for the new Children’s Hospital and by Jonathan Irwin of the Jack and Jill Foundation.
    Medical Cards

    Medical Cards

    As senior citizens gather this afternoon to protest the cuts seen in last week’s budget the spotlight has focussed once again on medical cards, for the over seventies, for discretionary cases and for the under fives. The stories highlighted in recent days of people with severe medical hardship losing their medical cards continue to cause concern Whether it was the case of “Stella” who spoke to the Minister for Finance on this programme last Wednesday about her two boys with Cerebral Palsy or “Lydia” who talked to Joe Duffy last Friday about her severely disabled daughter… or the many other ...

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