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    Well in the week gone by, we exited the bailout and bid farewell to the rained for most of the midterm break, but the well ran dry in Dublin. There was more news of property prices rising in the capital, but we still await a confirmation of a referendum on same sex marriage. For discussion and debate on all of these topics, Sean was joined in studio now by columnist, Michael Clifford; Political Editor with the Sunday Independent, John Drennan and Terry Prone of the Communications Clinic.
    The Gathering

    The Gathering

    This week saw the introduction of the new Government debt service , The Insolvency Service of Ireland. The development means that in some cases people in financial difficulties will be able to get some of their borrowings written off if creditors agree to deals. Corporate Tax is back on the agenda again with the EU’s competition authority looking into tax deals here…. There’s good news on the economic front - the latest OECD Report tells us Ireland is emerging from its difficulties with economic activity. Meanwhile the Government publishes Dail reform report… The threat of a military strike on Syria ...


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