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    Marian Finucane

    Marian Finucane

    Live stimulating mix of news, interviews, reports and discussion. Today's panel: Conor Pope, Consumer Affairs correspondent, Irish Times. / Peter Brown, Founder, Irish Institute of Financial Training - / Mary Hanafin, former F.F. Minister for Education. / John Byrne, social care worker and lecturer, W.I.T. / John Lyons - deputy whip, Labour Party and T.D. Dublin North West. / John Downing, political columnist with the Independent and former deputy govt. press secretary. And R.T.E. Concert Orchestra principal conductor David Brophy joins us lives in studio to tell us about some classic Easter music.
    Newspaper panel discussion

    Newspaper panel discussion

    Today's panel are RAYMOND O’ROURKE – new board member of the Food Safety Authority and consumer affairs lawyer, MAIREAD MCGUINNESS – Fine Gael MEP for Ireland East, on European Parliament’s Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, DAVID HALL – Director of the Irish Mortgage Holders’ Association(&M.D. Lifeline Ambulance Services), JOHN BYRNE – social care lecturer&worker and psychotherapist (&former slaughterhouse worker) and BLAIR HORAN – former general secretary of the Civil, and Public Services Union.


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