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    Food and World War One

    Food and World War One

    Brown Stew mightn’t sound like the most appetising of dishes, but this is typical of the sort of fare that sustained soldiers in the trenches during World War One.    Historians Bryce Evans of Liverpool Hope University and John Borgonovo of University College Cork have researched various aspects of food and the First World War. Bryce talked about the food riots involving Liverpool Irish that followed the sinking of the Lusitania (see Bryce's article below "Food Riots in the First World War"). Meanwhile, John told us about food shortages in Cork, in late 1917 and early 1918 where there was public anxiety ...
    The History Show Sunday 30 March 2014

    The History Show Sunday 30 March 2014

    The Irish and World War One This August will mark the centenary of the start of World War One. We will be commemorating this anniversary on The History Show with special programmes and short items telling the stories of Irish people who were involved in the war. We will also be examining what was happening here during these turbulent years. Do you have relatives who were involved in the First World War? We would like to hear their stories. Email:

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