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    Jewish Museum

    Jewish Museum

    The streets of Portobello, the heartland of what used to be known as Dublin's 'Little Jerusalem', are hung with posters...but this time they're from the neighbours - protesting against the Jewish Museum's plans to develop the existing museum - a former synagogue - on what THEY see as a tiny, residential road. Whereas, the Jewish community say the expansion programme is 'a cause for celebration'. Valerie Cox has been to Portobello to find out more.
    Irish Victim of the Holocaust

    Irish Victim of the Holocaust

    Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, a date chosen to mark the liberation of the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp 68 years ago. In total more than six million Jews as well as over five million others perished during the holocaust, 1.6 million of whom passed through the gates of Auschwitz. To find out more about Ireland's links to this concentration camp, Rhona Tarrant visited the Irish Jewish museum in Dublin where she discovered the extraordinary story of one Irish woman who left her home in Dublin and found herself in the midst of World War II. The Irish Jewish Museum is ...


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