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    Whale Hunting

    Whale Hunting

    The International Fund for Animal Welfare has stated this week in a new study that Japan’s whaling industry is dead and cannot survive without huge subsidies, and has called on the Japanese government to divert resources to supporting the industry in coastal communities much of the previously assigned funding was allocated to reconstruction following the Tsunami in March of 2011. According to reports stockpiles of unsold whale meat have increased to nearly 5,000 tonnes , about four times more than fifteen years ago. The report also says that in a survey they conducted 89% per cent of Japanese people said ...
    Japanese Adult Adoptions

    Japanese Adult Adoptions

    For those of you who have a business that you built through sweat and blood, but your children are lazy old so-and-sos who won’t get off the couch, listen up as we might just have a solution for you... Did you know that America and Japan have the highest rates of adoption in the world – with one big difference. While the vast majority of adoptees in the U.S. are children, they account for just 2% of adoptions in Japan. The other 98% are adults! They are usually male and aged between 25 and 30 - you see in Japan, ...


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