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    Mortgage Initiative

    Mortgage Initiative

    As we heard on this programme on Monday AIB has appointed the Irish Mortgage Holders' Organisation to run a new third-party body that will advise distressed mortgage holders.  The move is mainly aimed at the up to 10,000 homeowners who are behind on their repayments and who will not make contact with the bank.   Jill Kirby Personal Finance Columnist was on this programme yesterday and she had some reservations about how the new initiative will work. She was back on the line with us today as was David Hall Chief Executive of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation who has taken ...
    Mortgage Initiative

    Mortgage Initiative

    The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation (IMHO) in conjunction with AIB Group today announced an initiative offering homeowners in difficulty with their mortgage repayments the option to avail of an independent third party facilitator to advise and engage with AIB Group on their behalf. Sean was joined by David Hall, Director of the IMHO.


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