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    Brain Training

    Brain Training

    Earlier in the week we reported Scientists how scientists have developed a new blood test that could predict whether or not a person is likely to develop dementia within three years. But scientific studies show that certain activities such as bridge and crosswords reduce the risk of dementia. This week is National Brain Awareness Week which aims to promote awareness of neurological problems which affect over 700,000 people in Ireland and in studio to give us a few tips on how to keep your brain healthy is Ian Robertson, Professor of psychology at Trinity College Dublin. %MCEPASTEBIN%


    Nowadays, no matter where you go, whether it’s a coffee shop, bar or train you see hands swiping and flickering eyes checking their phones constantly.   Smart phones are a wonderful modern device and  people can become addicted and obsessed with this essential communications tool, but what effect has it on our memory?   Joining Sean was Ian Robertson, Professor of Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin.


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