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    The History Show Sunday 11 May 2014

    The History Show Sunday 11 May 2014

    The Irish and World War One This August will mark the centenary of the start of World War One. We will be commemorating this anniversary on The History Show with special programmes and short items telling the stories of Irish people who were involved in the war. We will also be examining what was happening here during these turbulent years. Do you have relatives who were involved in the First World War? We would like to hear their stories. Email:
    The History Show 11 May

    The History Show 11 May

    Bringing the past to life! Discover how our world was shaped as Myles Dungan and guests explore events ranging from medieval times to the recent past  Our offerings this week: Rebel doctor, Dorothy Stopford Price – anglo-Irish ascendancy turned committed nationalist. And later, she helped eradicate TB in this country. The Lynch Tribe of Galway and their famous associations What documents from the National Archives tell us about tensions between the IRA and the Blueshirts in 1934. The Green Mile – a new historical walking tour of St. Stephen’s Green To mark the National Famine Commemoration at Strokestown Park House, ...

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