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    IFA President

    IFA President

    Last night Eddie Downey was elected  as the new President of the Irish Farmers Association. It’s a job he’ll hold for four years.  He’ll have a lot of issues to grapple with over that period but it looks like a vegetable price war will be top of his agenda in the early days at least. Yesterday it emerged that Lidl and Aldi  are selling fruit and vegetables at dramatically reduced prices in the run up to Christmas which is putting pressure on many growers, small green grocers and other supermarkets. Eddie Downey joined Sean this morning.
    The Importance of Beef & Sheep Farming to the Irish Economy

    The Importance of Beef & Sheep Farming to the Irish Economy

    Did you know that there are 6.6 million cattle and 4.8 million sheep in Ireland. Beef and sheep holdings account for two out of every three farms in the country. This prompted the IFA to commission Alan Renwick Professor of Agriculture and Food economics in UCD to put together a report on the importance of beef and sheep farming to the Irish economy. What he found is that they employ 100,000 full time jobs, they operate in areas where no other farming type would be viable. Overall it’s a five billion euro sector with a strong multiplier effect. This means ...


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