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    Demand for family homes in Dublin is outstripping supply and driving property prices up, that’s according to a CSO Report which found that prices in the capital soared by more than 12% over the last year to September, with the price of a house up 4.2% since August So who is buying up all this property? Sean was joined by Colin Horan, MD of Extrasales Property Consulting.


    People are turning away from buying their own property now, with more than one in five finding renting a more acceptable way of living. They value being close to work and social amenities and they’ve seen the property crash and want to avoid negative equity. This increased demand for rental properties is leading to very competitive market place where would be renters are having to provide masses of documentation and references before they’re even considered by landlords with Sean was Lorcan Sirr, Lecturer in Housing and real estate at Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St.


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