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    Despite American airstrikes the Islamic State is continuing its advance in Iraq and yesterday seized the Kurdish town of Jalawla, 70 miles northeast of Baghdad. The Islamists are continuing their persecution of  Yazidis, thousands of whom  have taken refuge in the past week on the arid heights of Mount Sinjar, close to the Syrian border. Meanwhile Iraq's president has named a new prime minister to end Nuri al-Maliki's eight-year rule. But Al Maliki, widely seen as divisive, is refusing to go. To discuss developments in Iraq, the Daily Telegraph’s Jonathan Krohn, who’s in Kurdistan and Middle East analyst Hazhir Timourian. ...


    For the first time since fighting began in Syria, almost three years ago, the government and opposition have met for talks. Few expect the peace talks, which have just begun in Geneva, to result in a breakthrough to end the war. Islamist fighters who disdain the Western and Arab-backed opposition are not present at the talks. Nor is Iran, Assad's main regional backer. The Reuters news agency is quoting a Western diplomat as saying that expectations for the talks are very low. The aim he says is "to give some momentum to the process and avoid either side walking out". ...

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