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    Solace in a Secular World

    Solace in a Secular World

    If Mass attendances are anything to go by, traditional organised religions hold less appeal for people as more and more turn away from the prayers and beliefs they were reared on. But in the absence of religion, to whom and to where do people turn to seek comfort when times are tough?  Where do we find solace in a secular world? Well to discuss this, Sean was joined in studio now by Pat Storey, Church of Ireland Bishop of Meath and Kildare and Michael Nugent, Chairperson of Atheist Ireland and on the line from Clare is Fr Harry Bohan, Parish ...
    Swimming Upstream – Finding Positives in a Negative Ireland

    Swimming Upstream – Finding Positives in a Negative Ireland

    by Harry Bohan (The Columba Press) He believes we have to power to determine our own future.  He believes the key is in fostering human relationships.  To prove his philosophy works he has a portfolio of success in the 2,500 houses built in 120 villages in 13 counties with the help of his Rural Resource Organisation. He is also founder of the Ceifin Centre for Values-Led change. And if he needed a beacon to advertise the success of self determination it is his beloved Clare Hurling team, All Ireland Champions. He is Fr Harry Bohan and he joined Sean from Limerick to ...

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