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    More than 1,000 Palestinians and 45 Israelis have died in three weeks of fighting in the Gaza Strip. Both sides have observed brief ceasefires and are coming under increasing pressure to bring the fighting to a permanent end. An emergency session of the United Nations has backed a statement calling for a truce over the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr and beyond. Both the Palestinian and Israeli envoys to the UN criticised the statement, for different reasons. Meanwhile Hamas rocket fire and Israeli military operations continue. Patrick Bury and Hazhir Timourian, both commentators on the Middle East, spoke to Keelin ...
    Israel / Hamas

    Israel / Hamas

    Israel and Hamas are observing a brief ceasefire designed to allow residents of heavily bombarded Gaza to stock up on supplies. More than 200 residents of Gaza have died during the Israeli bombardment of the densely-populated territory. But the prospects of the ceasefire being extended are dim, and an Israeli invasion of Gaza is becoming increasing likely with the call­-up of more reservists yesterday. And PM Netanyahu is coming under increasing pressure from left and right, from people who oppose the bombardment of Gaza, and from others who advocate an outright invasion of Gaza. Journalist Yossi Melman was on the ...

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