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    HMV goes into administration

    HMV goes into administration

    Brendan is a former employee of HMV in Limerick . He is one of a number of staff who are sitting in in order to get the money they are owed in wages and holiday pay . He spoke to Joe about what the employees are going through. Chris, the manager of the the Cresent shopping centre branch of HMV was also in touch with the programme. He told Joe that the store was profitable and it would be great for the staff if they could get someone to take it over.
    HMV goes into administration

    HMV goes into administration

    Paul is founder of the trust fund for LILY MAE (the little girl who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer) and the single Tiny Dancer got to number one in December. Talked to managers of various HMV stores....can't get any information hitting a brick wall whether they will get the 27,000 euro they are owed by HMV for the charity single. 65 thousand people bought the single. He is hopeful that he will get it sorted but what a set-back.


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