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    Smallpox in 18th century Ireland

    Smallpox in 18th century Ireland

    According to eighteenth-century bills of mortality, smallpox was the disease that had the most devestating impact on children's lives. Reporter Louise Denvir spoke with Gabrielle Ashford who wrote a chapter in Growing Pains called 'Children's Smallpox and Innoculation' about the affects of the disease on Irish society at the time"
    Growing Pains- A History of Childhood Illnesses in Ireland

    Growing Pains- A History of Childhood Illnesses in Ireland

    Two hundred years ago in this country, it was the norm rather than the exception for parents to attend the funerals of their children. But surviving into adulthood wasn’t the only challenge they faced. Infectious diseases often left them deformed or crippled. This was the time before effective prevention or treatment of common childhood diseases was available. A new book brings together accounts of childhood illness, treatment and prevention from 1750 to 1950. Growing Pains is the first ever history of the welfare and care of Irish children by the State and its editors, Anne MacLellan and Alice Maugher joined ...


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