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    Greek Debt

    Greek Debt

    Greece is heading in the right direction, according to the IMF after the recent successful sale of long term bonds (€3billion worth of 5 year bonds). In recent years its citizens have endured savage spending cuts and many have engaged in street protests and riots.  But now it seems there is hope on the horizon for a country that has been teetering on the edge of collapse. Sean was joined by Dan O’Brien Chief economist and Senior Research Fellow with the Institute of International and European Affairs and also columnist with Independent newspapers and Dr Julian Mercille author and lecturer in ...
    Greek Roma

    Greek Roma

    Its seems authorities in Europe now know a lot more about the young blonde haired girl found in the Roma community in Greece. After a Europe wide alert a Bulgarian couple suspected of being the biological parents of the girl known as Maria, been questioned by police. Officials said they have DNA samples and were investigating how the child came to end up in Greece. The ripples also spread to this country with two Roma children being taken into temporary care by the authorities here – and later handed back to their families. On the line from Athens was journalist ...

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