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    Mooney, Friday July 19th 2013

    Mooney, Friday July 19th 2013

    NestWatch 2014 - The Blue Tit The nest is built, and the eighth egg was laid on Sunday, May 4th 2014. On the evening of Tuesday, May 13th, the eggs started hatching, and we now have eight nestlings in the nestbox. Send your observations in to, and keep watching! Click here to watch NestWatch 2014 - The Herring Gull The Herring Gull's nest is located on a roof at the RTÉ Campus. There are three eggs in the nest and we expect them to hatch any day now. Click here to watch
    DSPCA Inundated With Calls About Seabirds Not Fledging

    DSPCA Inundated With Calls About Seabirds Not Fledging

    The DSPCA, Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, contacted us during the week, telling us that they are INUNDATED with phone calls about the same subject! Seagulls. Or more accurately, just "gulls". At this time of year, young gulls are taking that great leap and are fledging their nests... To the uneducated eye, it can look like the chicks in the nest are actually in trouble. But generally, this is not the case. Here to tell us what to do if you see one of these gulls is Gillian Bird, Head of Education at the DSPCA... To ...


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