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    An international group of consultants is to be appointed by the Government to examine the use of fluoride in the public water supply. Dentists say it’s vital to oral health – particularly for those with poorer standards of oral hygiene – those with special needs. Opponents say it’s a health hazard but what does the science say. I’m joined now by Owen Boyden from Fluoride Free Towns and by science writer Gerry Byrne who was writing about the subject at the weekend.
    How Do Airlines Make Money?

    How Do Airlines Make Money?

    Earlier this month, British Airways took delivery of a brand new Airbus A380 superjumbo plane. The huge double-decker – the world's largest passenger plane – will make its first commercial long-haul flight with BA to Los Angeles on September 24th. The delivery of the £270 million superjumbo followed that of two Boeing Dreamliner aircraft as part of a £10 billion British Airway's plan to upgrade its long-haul fleet. Which got us wondering: how on earth, with huge outlays like that (and that’s only the cost of their planes), do airlines make money? How many tickets does a flight need to sell to ...


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