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    How Germany is facing its role in World War II

    How Germany is facing its role in World War II

    As early as 1946, the German philosopher Karl Jaspers said that the Germans would have to live with the guilt for the atrocities committed but that, at some stage, it would be more important that they developed a sense of responsibility for what had been done.   German natives, Georg Grote of University College Dublin and Peter Arnds of Trinity College discussed how German society and individuals have come to terms with the atrocities of the Nazi regime.  Georg and Peter spoke about their different backgrounds and addressed areas such as: Whether there was much discussion of the atrocities of World War II when Georg ...
    Generation War

    Generation War

    Generation War is a German drama set during World War II which is currently showing on RTE 2.   The story focuses on the fates of five young friends - two brothers who become Wehrmacht soldiers, a nurse who’s in love with one of them, a Jewish boyfriend and his partner, a singer who dreams of being the next Marlene Dietrich.  The three part series received record ratings and sparked a national debate when it was broadcast in Germany last year with Der Spiegel calling it a “turning point in German television”.    A review in the German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung said ...


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