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    A question for you: how often do you visit your GP in a year? Maybe you’re very healthy and you never go. Maybe you have need to go frequently. Maybe you have a baby who gets sick a lot. Well the average Irish adult visits their GP 2.8 times a year. Let’s call that 3 times a year. And if you don’t have a medical card it can be an expensive business - anywhere from €40 to €70 for a visit. So let’s say the average Irish adult pays about €165 a year in GP’s fees. But, what if you ...
    Wednesday, March 6th 2013

    Wednesday, March 6th 2013

    NestWatch 2013 - Kestrel We have a unique view of four Kestrel chicks as they prepare to fledge in around three weeks time. Click here to watch NestWatch 2013 - Blue Tit The Blue Tit chicks fledged the nest on Monday morning. --> NestWatch 2013 - Swallow The Swallow chicks fledged the nest on Wednesday morning Click here to watch Click here to listen back to Eric Dempsey’s documentary about the Swallow: From Egg To Africa


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