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    Malahide Looters

    Malahide Looters

    Nowadays, Malahide in North County Dublin is an upstanding and respectable community. But it wasn’t always so.  In Medieval times, piracy and looting was commonplace - as historian, Fin Dwyer told us. Fin Dwyer’s new book “Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome – Life in Medieval Ireland” (New Island) will be launched in Dubray Books, Kilkenny at 7 o clock this Thursday, 5 December.
    The Whales Who Saved the Day

    The Whales Who Saved the Day

    We all know about the Great Famine in the mid 1800s, but in fact, over the centuries before that catastrophe, Ireland was a frequent victim of famines. Historian, Fin Dwyer recounted how a pod of beached whales saved Dubliners from starvation during a famine in 1331. Check out Fin’s website


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