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    Bridge Card Game Cheats

    Bridge Card Game Cheats

    Bridge card games have been thought of as one of the most respectable & high-minded of contests but has been brought into disrepute after two German doctors were alleged to have cheated their to the top in last years Bridge World Finals in Bali. Joining us on the line is Mary O'Rourke, All-Ireland Bridge champion. Also we are joined by journalist Rachael Kane to tell us how she dialled the Taoiseach's mobile & spoke directly to Enda Kenny!
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny Comments on Emigration

    Taoiseach Enda Kenny Comments on Emigration

    The issue of pylons rumbles on with continued controversy – there has been strong political response to the Taoseach’s remarks linking emigration and protests to the electricity pylons. Labour MEP Phil Prendergast has reacted strongly to the Taoiseach’s remarks and she joined Sean this morning.


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