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    Peter Robinson Threat of Resignation

    Peter Robinson Threat of Resignation

    The collapse of a trial of a man accused of An IRA bomb attack in which four soldiers were killed in Hyde Park ,London in 1982 has caused a political crisis in Northern Ireland. The North’s First Minister and  DUP leader Peter Robinson has threatened to resign over the matter and has given the British Government an ultimatum to address his concerns about secret letters given to republicans classified as “On the Run”. OTR’S Earlier this week a judge ruled that Donegal man John Downey should not be prosecuted for the Hyde Park attack . It emerged that he had ...
    Paisley Documentary

    Paisley Documentary

    A spokesman for the Democratic Unionist Party has said Ian Paisley’s comments in a BBC documentary about his life and times have “hurt” many former colleagues. In a statement the DUP said former colleagues “shielded his frailty from public view and those people are hurt by untrue and bi9tter comments contained in the documentary”. Belfast writer and journalist, Eamonn Mallie has interviewed Ian Paisley for the programme – part two being aired tonight ....and he joined Sean this morning.
    Paisley Documentary

    Paisley Documentary

    Ian Paisley has played a pivotal role in the politics of Northern Ireland, his thundering speeches and blunt exchanges with his opponents made him a force to be reckoned with. Now at the age of 87 he has decided to give a full and frank account of his life and turbulent years in politics. The man he spoke to is writer and journalist Eamonn Mallie –  the first of his two part documentary Paisley : Genesis to Revelation is going out on BBC NI next Monday night. Eamonn Mallie spoke to Sean from Belfast.


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