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    ESRI / Euro

    ESRI / Euro

    The news on the economy so far this morning has been positive. The ESRI says it expects strong growth over the next year, and a possible let up in the austerity programme. Sean spoke to economist Cormac Lucey about why – despite all of this – he’s written a book saying we should pack up and leave the Euro and to UCC economist Seamus Coffey.
    Irish Water

    Irish Water

    It’s still only January and if this month is anything to go by the establishment of Irish Water is going to be one of the big political stories of 2014.  Already we’ve heard of the controversies over the rushed signing of the legislation to set it up in the first place, then there was the cost of consultancy fees, employee bonuses and more recently the issues over the transfer of staff from local authorities. Today the issue of over staffing is making the headlines with suggestions that the company’s 2,000 extra staff could cost householders up to €2 billion. Joining ...


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