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    Dormice Sighting

    Dormice Sighting

    Terry Flanagan saw a mouse this week... but he wasn’t in a windmill in old Amsterdam! And he wasn’t there on the stair. He was in Kildare! Specifically, he was at the Kildare Animal Foundation where he met Don Donoher, and the adult female dormouse there...              The Kildare dormouse; photo by Terry Flanagan Dr. Colin Lawton is Head of Mammal Ecology in NUI Galway, and he wants your help with a survey of dormice in Ireland! He would like you to report any sightings you have of a dormouse in Ireland. Dormice are about the same size as a ...
    The Dormice Of Kildare

    The Dormice Of Kildare

    As reported on the news last night, a little hazel dormouse was found two weeks ago near Newbridge in County Kildare. It's thought to be a male and it will now hibernate at the Kildare Animal Foundation, rather than in the wild, as it is a non-native species. Dormice are probably the cutest member of the rodent family and are often mistaken for baby red squirrels. It is the first dormouse that has been actually captured in Ireland but the first official sighting of them was two years ago near Naas. And today we can reveal even MORE dormice at ...


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